Low Carb Indian Diet

A low carb Indian diet is as the name suggests, a diet which is low in carbohydrates. The ideal of this diet is to substantially get relieve of as numerous carbs as possible and replacing those carbs with proteins.

What Is Low Carb Diet

Increase the amount of fats being burnt. Makes you sense full with small parts of food. This finally leads to weight loss. 

– Reduced blood glucose – Increased HDL (or good cholesterol) – Improved insulin sensitivity – Lowered blood pressure – Improved skin health

– Increased energy – Fewer cravings for sugary foods – Improved cognitive functions – Decreased joint and muscle pain – Decreased headaches

Diet Plan for Low Carb Indian Food

– This means, in each meal, you will be eating less than usual. – This can lead to increased hunger. – The best way to deal with those hunger pangs is to plan your diet out. – You can have more than just three meals in a day. – Ideally, you should break your low carb Indian diet down to 4 to 6 meals every day.

Low Carb Indian Diet For 1800 Calorie Group

Breakfast – A bowl of homemade or store-bought yogurt – A bowl of poha or oatmeal cereal – Two eggs or paneer (cottage cheese)

Lunch – 3 Indian bread (roti) – One cup of kidney beans (rajma) – Mixed vegetable salad or fruit salad – Dahi

Dinner – 2 Indian bread (roti) – A bowl of soybean nuggets or chaap – A bowl of cooked vegetables – Fruit or vegetable salad

credit- credihealth.com